Four times as many executions – four times the engagement

You need to sell better work. Everybody needs to sell better work, even the agencies that do great work. If you think selling daring, mould-breaking creative is hard, you should try buying it. Emotional mapping gives your best ads the best chance of running – and puts them in front of the most receptive audience.

Emotional Mapping is a planning tool that’s created specifically for the Internet. It helps creatives to evolve their work with a brand while giving an objective reason to buy new – even radical – ideas.

And it helps clients to run more executions, across a range of tones of voice – it gives your creatives the opportunity to be funny, beautiful, useful and inspiring in different executions, giving you four times as many ways to sell your client’s products and services, and four times as many chances to win a Gold Lion at Cannes.

It also gives you a new way to brief creatives, bringing them together with clients and the world’s leading lights in the particular genres of comedy, technology, inspiration and culture. It’s much easier to talk together about slapstick gags or ethereal beauty if you’ve built a common language with your client.

Emotional Mapping will help you to

  • Sell more executions
  • Sell your best executions
  • Expand the range of your client’s tone of voice
  • Create more effective ads and content
  • Grow your clients’ audiences
  • Win awards