How to go from 25% to 100% of your emotional range

Once we’ve established what thrills your audience online, let’s work out how big a part of that you currently are – and how big you could be.

We’ll map your current communication assets (digital creative, TV, OOH etc) against your audience’s emotional spectrum.

We’ll also map the way your assets are performing. Could a change of tone make them more inspiring, funny, beautiful or useful for your audience?

If you’re performing well on all four kinds of emotional engagement, then we will be able to offer you a host of suggestions to optimise your creative.

If you’re only performing in one or two (as most brands are), then we may be able to help you make really, really big performance gains.

We can also map your competitors over the same spectrum: are they playing in a wider or a narrower section of your audience’s emotional lives? Is there a space that every competitor is currently ignoring?

How we do it

We map your and your competitors’ assets against the spectrum using a combination of:

  • results from a Taste Panel of UK consumers
  • opinion from our Expert Panel, eg. Comedy writers, photo editors, design journalists
  • internal stakeholder workshops
  • your data on media asset performance (eg share, dwell, clickthrough etc)

What you get

An opportunity map showing:

  • How current assets perform relative to their emotional ‘fit’ for your audience
  • Where your competitors are playing in your audience’s emotional spectrum
  • The potential range of beautiful, useful, funny and inspiring creative that will engage your audience
  • A roadmap showing fixes/quick wins and big strategic plays