Traditional advertising model: find the best stuff and interrupt it

EIA advertising model: make the best stuff

We believe that emotionally intelligent thinking is a big opportunity for brands to live up to their full potential – and for creative agencies to live up to theirs. Traditional brand advertising had one tone of voice and one message, and repeated it until it penetrated consumers’ skulls. Now we have an opportunity to be as thrilling as the best stuff on the Internet – to be the best stuff on the internet, if we just think a little differently.

Let’s stop briefing creatives. Let’s inspire them. You’ll need your agencies to create a whole range of aesthetics and tones for you, from comedy to awe-inspiring. So let’s immerse ourselves in the worlds of the people who make the best stuff.

Whatever you’re looking to produce, we’ll connect you and your agency creatives with people who’ll inspire them, from comedy writers to explorers and astronauts. Picasso said, genius steals. We say, steal from geniuses.

We’re working with several of the UK’s leading talent agencies to bring you the creators of some of the best creative content. You need deadpan humour? We’ll bring along top comedy writers. Need to understand how ethereal beauty will work with your brand? Let’s bring in Oscar-winning cinematographers and award-winning theatre designers.

Steal from genius workshops

Bespoke creative workshops where people who create the exact kinds of content your audience loves reveal their trade secrets. Bring your agencies, your internal stakeholders, your CEO for an unforgettable day with world-famous creators.